Coaching captivating  one on one 

Michael’s aim in the one-on-one coaching sessions is to help you succeed by raising your game. With Michael’s coaching help you will gain real clarity when you lost focus.

Turning solid players into stars

With the intention of providing the most immersive experience, Michael offers help to individuals in order to reach, define, or set new goals. He has helped numerous people to improve upon themselves via goal setting and self-development; from experienced professionals, to those just starting their career.

Michael uses his own unique process called “Set Goals & Seize your Life”, showing you exactly how to dream on paper, and then to encompass that by pumping energy and thought through visualisation and application into a truly bright future. Alongside this, Michael also conducts the well-known ‘Facet-5’ psychometric test which measures people on 5 separate psychological elements (Will, Energy, Affection, Control, Emotionality) through questions looking at attitudes, opinions, and preferences.

The answers given can enable Michael to provide you with a behavioural profile to help align yourself correctly within different situations; understanding how you will react or behave within them, alongside a concentration on your specialist skills, attitudes and aptitudes in order to create more confidence within the situations you find yourself within.

At a glance:
For whom
For anyone with the aim of improving themselves or their business.
Because we are not wired to take the world by ourselves. Fast-track your way to overcoming challenges and gaining new skills.
You are one click or phone call away from the ‘how’. Simply call +357-99-612532 and/or visit the biography page.

Vassiliko Cement Works skill building workshop (one-to-one)

Limassol, Cyprus
Vassiliko Cement Works Head Offices

My 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Michael were life changing.

Michael helped me to re-focus and understand much more about myself and the true direction I wanted to take my business in. Since my coaching sessions with Michael, our business revenue has increased 10 fold and the business continues to go from strength to strength.  Coaching with Michael also gave me the confidence to pivot my business and branch out which in-turn meant I had to seek and gain investment for my business which has been a phenomenal help with the growth of the business.  Michael gave me the confidence, knowledge and understanding that I needed to be the business person I wanted and needed to be.  I can’t thank Michael enough for everything.

Founder and Director at Foods You Can
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