Recovering a lost customer

In Touch - Newsletter - #4

Welcome to the fourth edition of "In Touch". As always, I would love to continue the conversation so leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Success Story of the Week: The Personal Touch

As soon as I hit ‘unsubscribe’ I received a personal message from SAPO’s Operations Manager, Andreas Psaras. In addition to saying that he would make sure I no longer received the company newsletter, he also thanked me for being a subscriber for a decade, he reminded me that the two of us had made contact a couple of years ago through LinkedIn and said that if I ever need any giveaways, I should contact him personally.

What a great way Andreas found to keep the channels of communication open! His e-mail was a sharp reminder that while transactions tend to be soulless, it is unique personal interactions that differentiate brands, their ambassadors and their companies. 

Make sure that every interaction is an opportunity to create a positive and lasting impression in your prospects and customers minds. If a proposal I have sent is declined, I almost always send a small gift – usually one of my books – to the person who turned me down on that occasion. Next time they are thinking about of hiring a facilitator or a speaker, it will probably help them remember me in a positive light.

I am sure that Andreas Psaras was not happy to see that I had unsubscribed from his company newsletter but his subsequent behaviour ensured that there will never be any bad feeling between us. On the contrary, if I need any giveaways, I can say with certainty right now that he will be the first person I contact.

Words of Wisdom

On the road to recovery:

"Recovery begins from the darkest moment."

John Major, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 

On the importance of correcting failures:

"Sometimes bad stuff happens even to the greats (Ritz Carlton, Apple, Amazon, etc) and there is a customer experience failure. What makes these companies different is that they recognize that they need not resign themselves in the face of a failure. They recognize that if they over correct on the recovery that will create a peak on the experience that will eclipse the negativity of the failure itself"

Jon Picoult, Founder of Watermark Consulting

A Question to Ponder

Is it a benefit to companies to take in the negative reactions from customers or is it a hassle?


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