Afraidconfident of public speaking

Are you a C-level Executive who wants to speak to inspire?

Trigger stimulate  your audience with ideas.

Are you a C-level Executive who wants to speak to inspire?

From the boardroom to the conference table, to live broadcast, to a keynote - no matter the setting, this one-to-one mentorship is about you taking your speaking game up to the level of your achievement with more ease, more confidence, more dynamism and above all more authenticity.

Michael will guide you to craft a compelling narrative to get your message across in a powerful way and will also help you prepare an engaging delivery to impress your audiences.

Depending on your specific needs, a public speaking mentorship session can involve the following:

Master your next speech.

Key messages

Discover the key premise and messages you want to put across during your presentation or speech.


Arrange the content and structure your narrative to create a powerful storyline.


Prepare and practise a powerful delivery to engage your audience.


Come up with creative, engaging and interactive ways to communicate your message. 

Extra tips

Learn tips that will make the difference. From memorising your speech, to inspecting the venue before the big day.


Walk away with a speech in your hands, and in your head, and above all with the confidence to stand up and deliver your speech with confidence and gusto.

At a glance:
For whom
For C-Level Executives, Directors, Board Members and Entrepreneurs, as well as those who are serious about taking their career to the next level and who aspire to become better communicators and presenters.
In order to speak and present like the most confident speakers do. So you can fast-track your professional career, inspire a positive transformation within your organization and/or pitch your entrepreneurial idea to investors, a Board of Directors and beyond.
By leaving nothing to chance and getting the help of an expert to prepare not only the content of your talk but also the flow of the narration, as well as the stage delivery down to the last detail.


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Michael delivered to our Toastmasters Club a virtual webinar on presentation skills.

He fascinated all of us. He fascinated us because of the wide span and depth of his competences on the subject. But there is two more things that me as a learning and training professional, I was impressed about. First, he is a real pro when it comes to planning and delivering a learning intervention. It is simply easy to do business with Michael. Second, he demos what he lectures. The one and only way to “present” successfully a “presentation skills” training. Keep training Michael!

President, Ericsson France Toastmasters Club

Michael is a worldwide professional trainer with a unique expertise in public speaking and presentation skills. 

Give him few hours, and he will change the way you present and deliver your stuff in front of an audience dramatically – FOREVER! I know he will; I saw him in action and I witnessed his transformational magic in person. It worked for others, it worked for me, and it will definitely work for you!

CEO, Tfisot Group

Michael Virardi offers fantastic insight into how great talent can be developed.

I have long recognized Michael as one of the world’s leading coaches, however, after attending this particular seminar I (and he) confirmed why he is the best in his industry. The seminar offers a lot to motivated and eager professionals, regardless of their position in an organization. Seminars with Michael are an inspiring and practical tour de force! 

Member of the Group Executive Committee, Henley & Partners
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