Seminars captivating

Michael’s seminars offer a host of unique benefits. Amongst the most important one is a practical understanding of environmental requirements. Tap the power of internal training and help your team ‘spread their wings’.

Closing the gap between knowing and doing

Seminars are ideal for focusing specifically on those areas relevant to your organisation, improving upon them effectively by developing groups of people at one time. Seminars enable an effective transfer of knowledge to participants through various topics specific to your company’s objectives. Bringing a seminar to your own organisation can help to engage your team in numerous activities to really bring home the messages required to gain inspiration.

Michael tailors his seminars directly to your unique needs, and can create the perfect atmosphere required to train your group in the art of many different topics, including:

  • Sales
  • Presentation Skills
  • Culture Change
  • Teambuilding
  • Positive Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Networking Skills

Each seminar combines Michael’s own experience, research, and knowledge, which spans 15 industries in 17 countries. Michael not only cares about training people, but he also cares deeply about the people being trained, and therefore gives more attention to detail when helping them to discover the potential held within themselves. Learning such topics from an experienced professional such as Michael can give you the peace of mind you require when giving your team the necessary skills to improve as a complete group.

At a glance:
For whom
For organizations and individuals who realize that, other than death and taxes, the only constant is change.
Other than a wealth of knowledge condensed in one day it is also a sense of renewed hope and inspiration.
Contact Michael R. Virardi and/or his team in order to plan your next seminar or workshop.

Columbia ShipManagement Leadership Offsite

Limassol, Cyprus
Columbia Plaza

It was a great pleasure to have met you and have attended your program on leadership.

You were able to connect and engage with a large CIO/CFO group and presented like an insider talking our language. With credible evidence, you have successfully laid the seeds of positive engagement and collaboration into the mind of these leaders which I believe is critical for our success. Borrowing words from our CFO, your session was of high quality and with the right impact. Looking forward to working with you in future.

Regional CIO & Sr. IT Director,
McDonald’s Middle East Development Company

The experience we lived through together as a team is worth remembering for a life time. Thank you.

HR Director, GlaxoSmithKline

It was not only great organizing the event with you but to also be a part of your session.

Association Manager, JHI Association
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