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Michael’s Culture Enhancement & Positive Leadership seminars offer a host of unique benefits. Amongst the most important ones are: sustained business growth, enhanced employee productivity and engagement as well as improved organisational effectiveness.

Closing the gap between knowing and doing

A positive constructive culture in an organisation is imperative to sustaining high employee performance and business growth. A company’s culture is the foundation underlying the smooth function of every other single process such as: Business Development, Sales, Customer Service, Communication, and many others.

However, it can be a hard task bringing people together to unite under a cause, especially when they have different motives and reasons for working in a particular way. Due to work overload, a variety of mindsets and attitudes as well as a highly dynamic and ever-changing business environment a company’s culture might lose its rhythm and as a consequence its workforce can slowly turn unproductive, disengaged and above all unhappy.

Michael acts as the catalyst for enhancing your organization’s culture by empowering, enabling and guiding teams and individuals to solve important business challenges.

customized.Effective. Powerful.

Psychometric tests

Michael uses sound diagnostic tools such as psychometric tests as well as interviewing to collect information from people across the organisation and paints a clear picture of the business challenges ahead. 

Customized exercises

Michael runs customised exercises and facilitates group discussions to address culture blind spots and challenges. From defining a company’s Mission & Vision to uncovering obstacles in Communication, Sales Performance and Customer Experience. 

Relevant business insights

Relevant business insights and industry trends are delivered to support and enhance the process. Michael helps your team deep-dive into the latest news, trends and insights from the surrounding industry environment.  

Designed to be energizing

Michael creates a space where people are engaged, focused and empowered to find solutions. The experience is designed to be energising so that each individual leaves the room transformed and motivated to implement new learnings. 

Obtain an understanding of:

  • The company’s current operating culture
  • Major factors causing/impacting this culture
  • The effect the current setup is having on the organization’s effectiveness in different functions such as: Sales, Customer Service, Communication and many more
  • An ideal culture of the organization, as identified by staff themselves
  • How team members and the organisation as a whole can improve in the necessary work areas to bring about positive change
At a glance:
Masterful Facilitation
Facilitation is a complex and sophisticated skill and Michael’s work has been internationally recognised because of his ability to manage groups through challenging processes. Whether it is to clarify strategy, improve leadership, communication or collaboration, he is a master at navigating complexity, conflict and ‘politically’ tricky situations to deliver results and outcomes that have lasting and measurable value for companies.
Captivating Storytelling
Michael delivers business insights in an inspiring and engaging manner. He uses his deep business experience and acumen which spans across 15 industries and 17 countries to deliver a message that stays with the audience as well as influences the way they think, feel and act.
Energising Experience
Michael is a firm believer of creating a positive, engaging and energising atmosphere. People walk away from his seminars feeling upbeat, motivated and above all equipped to overcome the personal and business challenges at hand.

Columbia ShipManagement Leadership Offsite

Limassol, Cyprus
Columbia Plaza

It was a great pleasure to have met you and have attended your program on leadership.

You were able to connect and engage with a large CIO/CFO group and presented like an insider talking our language. With credible evidence, you have successfully laid the seeds of positive engagement and collaboration into the mind of these leaders which I believe is critical for our success. Borrowing words from our CFO, your session was of high quality and with the right impact. Looking forward to working with you in future.

Regional CIO & Sr. IT Director,
McDonald’s Middle East Development Company

The experience we lived through together as a team is worth remembering for a life time. Thank you.

HR Director, GlaxoSmithKline

It was not only great organizing the event with you but to also be a part of your session.

Association Manager, JHI Association
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