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Michael encourages his audience to look at things from a different perspective and to become even more attentive to their own abilities and talents.

Spread the seeds for transforming your business culture.

Michael’s keynote presentations spread the seeds for transforming your business culture, unlock your people’s potential, accelerate growth and ultimately increase revenue.

Each keynote can be expanded into a half or full day deep-dive workshop experience complete with interactive exercises and actionable takeaways.

Michael’s talks focus on Positive Leadership, Customer Experience and Culture Transformation. Amongst others, the topics are the following:

Accelerate a Positive Leadership Culture

A team can not be stronger than its members and an organization can not be stronger than its internal teams. If you want your company to ‘speed-up’ and be able to manoeuvre in a very competitive environment then you need to improve your internal culture starting from the individual and moving to each and every team (department).

If the leadership culture within your organization is not one that you are proud of or if it is neutral or negative then you have an obligation to make sure it will become positive.

Positive leadership is all about continuity and lack of politics.

It is about putting your foot on the petal so you can accelerate a positive leadership culture that will enable your organisation to remain competitive. A positive leadership culture is also vital to your team-members because they are more likely to enjoy their time when they fit in with the organization’s culture. After all, team-members tend to enjoy work when their needs and values are consistent with those in the workplace.

Participants will learn:

  • How to move from neutral to positive when it comes to leadership culture
  • How the different generations at the workplace should be treated
  • Why greater emphasis should be given to Millennials (hint: 75% of the world-wide workforce will be Millennials by 2025)
  • How team-members’ strengths and areas of improvement should be identified within an organization and team
  • Finally, they will learn that the opposite of negative is not positive but it is ‘out of business’

Additional Interactive Exercises:

  • The “Plate Exercise” where participants learn the power of collaboration, communication, creativity and flexibility
  • The “Zoom” exercise. Zoom is a fantastic resource for a large group activity that endorses group cooperation, organisation and essentially communication.

AI: Going off-script

Will AI help us or hurt us? What skills do your people need to develop going into a future driven by technology? What is our unique advantage, as humans, over AI? And, finally, what are the lessons we can take from the greatest chess master ever?

This talk is about embracing an uncertain future. It is ALSO about inspiring your people to re-invent themselves and work together with (rather than against) the cutting edge technology that slowly infiltrates OUR business world. Your people can have a unique differentiator, they can go off-script, be creative, empathise and connect and thus, take your organisations to the next level of service orientation. That is, it allows you to turn your customer service into a unique customer experience.

Participants will learn:

  • The 10 most important skills going into the future
  • How the Chess Master, Garry Kasparov inspired humans and organizations to embrace AI
  • Why Alibaba will command a front row of success for many years to come
  • Why Creativity + Emotional Intelligence = Service Orientation
  • How to increase and enhance your company’s “Service Orientation”
  • Why Zappos has it and why 99 designs needs to get it

Additional Interactive Exercises:

  • This is a keynote speech without exercises other than a Questions and Answer (Q&A) session at the end of the speech.

From Customer Service to Customer Experience

The gap between customer service and customer experience is the exact same gap between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In behavioural economics people buy for unconscious reasons that in the majority of cases are oblivious to.

My experience has shown me that people buy people’s passion before they buy products or services. In other words, the heart is closer to the pocket than the brain is, people buy emotionally and then justify logically. This keynote explores and defines customer experience as the sum of the entire customer journey with a business whereas customer service, even though a more familiar term, is only one piece of the puzzle.

Participants will learn:

  • How their company can gain loyalty from its customers
  • How to turn customers into fans
  • Michael’s “The Circle of Trust™” theorem
  • Why customers consider the whole picture when thinking about your offerings
  • Why Zappos, Apple and The Ritz Carlton™ and Lady Gaga command their pricing and gain customer loyalty in the process


  • This talk can be extended to a 2 hour keynote to foster further the ideas and values of the above philosophy. Please contact Michael R. Virardi in case you want to do so.

Igniting Engagement in the Workforce

This keynote will educate and inspire your workforce to show up at work with their best attitude and above all with a commitment to excel.

Michael lectures and preaches about honesty, passion and purpose as well as some of the most crucial values and skills your workforce needs to embrace in an ever-changing, high-intensity, professional environment.

This keynote is about the importance of discovering those intangible conditions that are deep inside each of us which can help us to grasp the elusive nature of success both in business and in life.

Participants will learn:

  • The most important values they need to embrace for their future personal and professional success
  • How to overcome challenges with determination and focus
  • Taking decision through the lens of reflection and self-observation
  • How to be positive by finding the “good” in the “bad” and the opportunity in the difficulties that lie ahead.

Addition Interactive Exercises:

  • This is a keynote speech without exercises other than a Questions and Answer (Q&A) session at the end of the speech.
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For companies who want to develop a culture of collaboration, innovation and communication that seek to inspire, educate and enable their people become more attentive to their own talents and abilities.
Because leadership and culture are the foundations of a successful organisation. Both inspire action which leads to professional and personal success as well as sustainable business growth.
Contact Michael R. Virardi and leave the rest to his capable team and himself.

The 5P's of Success

Hong Kong, China
11th Global Residence & Citizenship Conference by Henley & Partners

Thank you Michael for being part of our Personal Innovation Day and supporting to make this particular day perfect.

 Your speech was energizing and great food for thought to everyone. I would like to highlight the “Circle of Trust™” and how this is influencing our everyday life. We forget things which seem to be really logical and natural for us- so for sure they are needed as time to time reminders. Supporting each other and running towards the same goal, as you said, is a must for sure! As you said we have only two options: to be positive or to be very positive.

Head of HR Ericsson Supply Site Tallinn

Although your address was to more than 300 people from over 80 different nationalities it seemed to transcend boundaries in your ability to speak at a very personal level to a large congregation of people.

Chief Brand & Marketing Officer of the Swiss Education Group & John Daly (IRF Board Member)

Once again thanks for coming to Malta, the feedback we received has been superb. 

Let’s stay in touch as I’m sure we’ll find more ways to collaborate.

HR Director, Tipico
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