Starting on a High

In Touch - Newsletter - #9

Welcome to the ninth edition of "In Touch." As always, I would love to continue the conversation so please hit "reply" and let me know what you think.

Story of the Week: Starting on a High

Have your ever been part of a business meeting that has been “endless"? It has happened to me on many occasions where the majority of people in the meeting failed to hit the mark with their comments.

Well, there a smart solution to push “endless” meetings aside. A company called Knauf came up with a clever solution to keep the meetings brief, informative and to the point.

Every Monday morning, the Knauf management team holds what it calls an “espresso meeting” but given my habit of creating rules with numbers, I like to think of it as a 3 x 3 x 3 meeting.

It’s the time when each team member stands up (some are connected virtually) for 3 minutes and shares with the rest of the management the 3 important milestones that he or she has accomplished the week before, together with the 3 goals that they will be aiming to achieve the week that just started.

The meeting ends with either an inspirational, motivational or educational video to help the team raise their game or with a funny video or story to start the day and the week on a lighter note. Whatever the case, each week starts on a high.

Next time you hold a meeting, ask yourself, “How can we keep our meeting brief, informative and above all interesting?”

Words of Wisdom

On culture:

“If you really want to know what an organization or a team values, just study their culture.”

Dele Ola, Be a Change Agent: Leadership in a Time of Exponential Change

Harold and the Purple Crayon:

Harold is a 4-year-old boy with a vivid imagination. He uses a purple crayon to create his own world by drawing it into being. He draws the moon so he can take a walk in the moonlight; he draws an apple tree—and then a dragon to guard his apples; and finally, he draws a house and a bed so he can go to sleep.

Harold and the Purple Crayon’s lesson for leaders is simple: Establish a clear vision of the outcomes you want to see in the world—whether they’re moonshot ideas or next week’s sales numbers. Teamwork is simply the process of converting imagination into reality. 

Book by Crockett Johnson, 1955

A Question to Ponder

What could you change in your day-to-day meetings, to keep your people inspired and connected?

Hit reply and let me know what you believe.


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