Nov 17, 2017

#AskVirardi - Episode 149, Mathias Dockner

Hong Kong
JW Marriott Hotel

This particular episode was live-steamed directly from Hong Kong!

Mathias Dockner from Henley & Partners (H&P), was my special guest this time around. Mathias has a background in professional basketball and strategy consulting, which shaped his passion for training, corporate culture and communication. Mathias has been in charge of Learning & Development at H&P since March 2017. We talk about what it is like to work at H&P and his responsibilities as part of the Corporate Development team.

We also focus on his experience working in one of the biggest Management Consulting firms (The Boston Consulting Group) as well as Mathias future professional (and personal) aspirations.

What one can take away from this episode is:

1. Why (former) athletes make great employees.

2. What to look for in a Mentor and how to ‘select’ your Mentor.

3. The key factors in training teams that are spread globally.