Jun 24, 2021

The Customer Experience Show™ Ep.11 / Nicolle Paradise

Limassol, Cyprus
New York City, United States
We are very honored to have hosted Nicolle Paradise on the eleventh episode of The Customer Experience Show™.
Nicolle is a SaaS (Software as a Service) executive with over fifteen years of experience architecting, measuring, scaling, operationalizing, and transforming rapid-growth organizations. Her expertise in Client Outcomes (Customer Success, Client Experience) has delivered revenue growth to global startups and multi-billion-dollar organizations, yielding measurable value for clients, profitability for shareholders, and inspiring employees.
Nicolle is a Board Advisor and Investor, the former Head of Audience Experience @ TEDx San Francisco (now, a New Yorker), and has traveled to all 7 continents.
She finds Antarctica chilly and intends to be the first person to win a game of Uno from space!