A Real Premium Product

InTouch - Newsletter - #69

Welcome to the sixty-ninth edition of “In-Touch”. As always, I would love to continue the conversation so please let me know what you think.

Story of the Week: A Real Premium Product

Dimitris Tsiolas was confused when, early one morning, he received a call from one of his biggest clients. While friends with Yiannis, Dimitris does not usually receive calls from him directly. Tentatively, he answered and, after exchanging pleasantries, Yiannis said to him, “I wanted to talk to you about Georgia, the young woman who works in your credit control department.”

A wave of concern washed over Dimitris. Some time ago, he had recruited Georgia and put her in charge of trade credit and recovering unpaid debts. Had she made a serious mistake? Had she been rude to Yiannis?

To Dimitris’ surprise, Yiannis went on to explain: “Each month when I pay my cheque, she calls and thanks me. Every single month, like clockwork.”

Now, Dimitris was even more baffled. “Yiannis, forgive me. Am I missing something here? What exactly has Georgia done wrong?”

“She hasn’t done anything wrong!” Yiannis replied. “On the contrary! In all my 30 years in business, no-one has ever called me once to thank me for issuing a cheque, let alone every month! The reason I’m calling is to ask you whether you’ve trained her to do this or is it all down to her own initiative?”

Dimitris was filled with pride and surprise in equal measure, knowing that he had never instructed Georgia to thank customers when they sent a cheque. Of her own accord, this extraordinary employee had decided to demonstrate the company’s appreciation to customers who, in reality, were simply fulfilling their obligations.

Dimitris Tsiolas is part-owner of Xoriatiki Zimi, a company producing bakery goods of exceptional quality. The company’s stated mission is to create premium products using the best raw materials. The quality of each ingredient is the best it can be. His early-morning phone call from Yiannis showed him that his company is fortunate to employ ‘premium people’ too.

“How can I find someone who works with such empathy?” Yiannis asked, to which Dimitris replied sincerely: “I think we both need to pay more attention to our staff if we want more people like Georgia to be working for us. Your call today has shown me that employees like Georgia are out there, but employers like you and I always seem to tell ourselves we are too busy with other things to spot them.”

Alongside the premium products that Xoriatiki Zimi creates every day, Georgia has created an additional ‘premium product’ – an exceptional customer experience – from the raw materials of human kindness and appreciation.

Thanks to the positive attitude of a single member of staff, Dimitris’ company has gained a reputation for its outstanding customer care. He, for one, will never underestimate the power that every individual employee can wield in the marketplace.

Words of Wisdom

“Success is neither magical, nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” Jim Rohn

“Champions are brilliant at the basics.” John Wooden

A Question to Ponder, dear friend.

“Have you been pleasantly surprised by compliments made about a member of your team or, indeed, about yourself?”