Grow through words

“Ready, set, grow”. Three simple words that grab attention in seconds.

“Ready, set, grow”

Three simple words that grab attention in seconds.

This is a great value proposition created by MailChimp, a platform that helps marketers manage their emails more efficiently while providing a host of other marketing tools.

A value proposition is important to your business because it implies speed, ease of access, and most probably business growth.

Your Value Proposition

As with MailChimp, your value proposition should reflect your expertise as a solution, and directly state the desired outcome. If your service is relatively complex in nature then a few emotive and applicable words could help to promote its value.

This article is intended to help you leverage your knowledge and expertise to create a powerful value proposition

5 Simple Steps in Creating Your Value Proposition

Drawing inspiration from MailChimp's value proposition I will share with you how I used their philosophy in packaging one of my online products.

  1. Identify your audience: Let’s take for example the online “Stand Up, Stand Out” public-speaking course I recently created. The audience for this course are C- Level Executives, business owners, ambitious managers, entrepreneurs, freelancers as well as young professionals, who want to improve their communication and connection skills.

  2. What is the biggest challenge they face?: The primary goal here is to understand the exact concerns of your audience. In the case of the “Stand Up, Stand Out” course the majority of professionals face two main challenges:  (a) they lack the time to turn up to a workshop and (b) they want to acquire the skill by setting their own pace of learning.

  3. What is your solution?: Our solution was to create an online course accessible around the clock (24/7/365).

  4. What is the outcome?: Once you figure out the solution, then you are working towards the outcome. The outcome can be a procedure or a new product/service or a new platform. In the “Stand Up, Stand Out” case the outcome was an affordable online course from the comfort of your own space.

  5. Put it into words: Similar to MailChimp’s ‘Ready, set, grow’, for the “Stand Up, Stand Out” public-speaking course it all centers around the 3S’ formula: “The Story, The Slides, The Stage Presence”.

In Summary

A powerful value proposition can help you cut through a crowded marketplace. Even though your service could be relatively complex in nature, there are only two things your prospective client really needs to understand:

  1. What exactly you do, and
  2. How can this help them?

And always remember a common, yet vital, cliché, ‘less is often more’.

In light of the current events in regards to the Coronavirus, I wish the best of health to you and your loved ones,

Michael R. Virardi

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