Virardi at the IMD Business School

To address the IMD Alumni Club of Lausanne.

Ηigher education is an investment in self and future. It has played a significant role in my life and thus getting an invitation to present at one of the world's most prestigious academic institutes, IMD Business School, for the IMD Alumni Club of Lausanne, makes it all so meaningful to me. Especially for the fact (see major achievements below) that they are ranked amongst the best institutions in the world:

* IMD has ranked #1 in the world for Open programs for the 8th consecutive year in the 2019 Financial Times Executive Education Rankings (link:

** Forbes has ranked IMD's MBA #1 among one-year international MBA programs in its 2019 ranking. Testament to the program's strength and effectiveness in continuously shaping business leaders, IMD has held top spots in the ranking since 2001.