Oct 03, 2017

#AskVirardi - Episode 141, Vincent J. Solarino

New York City, USA
The American P&I Club

Michael R. Virardi flew to New York City for the #AskVirardi 141st episode. This time he interviewed Vincent J. Solarino, President of The American P&I Club. In this episode Solarino talks about his humble beginnings back in the 1960’s as well as how he partly achieved his childhood dream. He also stressed the importance of taking on challenges and the necessary ingredient for success which is no other than ‘teamwork’. Best concept of them all, Solarino’s ‘3D-thinking’ and how it has helped him become the professional – and the man – he currently is. In this particular episode Vincent J. Solarino offers a grant prize: A 5-day trip to New York City for one lucky winner!