May 01, 2019

"Stand Up, Stand Out"

Presentation and public speaking skills online course
Online course
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20 years of public-speaking experience distilled in an online course to set the development of your presentation and communication skills on fast-track. My first online program “Stand Up, Stand Out” is going live on the 27th of May, 2019.

It was fall of 1992 during my second year of studies at University when I completely froze on stage. There I was, standing in front of 100 professors and students, my legs shaking, my voice trembling, my palms sweating and I could not speak a single word.

Needless to say, I failed my first ever attempt in speaking to an audience.

Fast forward to March 2019, I gave my first Google Talk in front of a packed auditorium and hundreds of people watching through live-streaming. My legs standing firm, my voice determined and my hands gesticulating assertively. Just after an intensive Q&A, I walked off stage to a warm applause and an incredible feeling of fulfilment for having achieved one of my biggest moonshots.

The title of my Google Talk was “Finding Your Inner Compass”. Let this e-course be your inner compass in your very own journey to standing up in your power and standing out when speaking confidently on stage. No matter where you are at this point, be it a seasoned professional or an amateur just taking ‘baby-steps’, the tools, stories and insights in this program will elevate your communication and public speaking game to new heights.

Enjoy the journey!