Sleep on it.

We are often tempted to judge a service or product from the first time we use it. My recent pillow purchase reminded me that in this fast moving world, some things take time.

The package with my recently online ordered new set of pillows arrived as scheduled, which already counted for a good customer experience under the current trying circumstances. But what made it an extraordinary customer experience was waiting for me inside, and it started with three words:

‘Dear Happy Sleeper’.

The manufacturer put inside the package a note, written by one of the co-founders of this young family owned business, simply to thank me – the buyer, for trusting them and ‘choosing to sleep a little better’. It also encouraged me to provide feedback and address any issues with them directly, making me aware of the full impact my buying decision and customer experience have on their business:

‘Your trust in us and our products is key to our growth. (...) I would ask that you give us a chance to help you out and find a solution to your issue before leaving a negative feedback which impacts us really badly.’ There - simple, and yet so empowering!

As I went to sleep that night, I realized that I did not just buy pillows; I created the opportunity for a business to take me through a customer experience journey. They understood that they did not just sell pillows; they added value and meaning to my purchase, they made my life more restful.

It is (almost) never just about the transaction, the buying, the selling. And going through these trying times reminded me – as I am sure also many of us, of how much our well-being is connected and intertwined. How each of our choices and actions – as well as inaction – affects all of us. Even when we sleep.


Dear Happy Reader,

Please take a few minutes to email me and let me know.

As a business owner, what can you do to:

  • Empower your customers to use your products and services to their full potential?
  • Create a unique connection with your customers?
  • Make your customers ‘sleep’ a little bit better?