Jul 09, 2019

4 Useful Public-Speaking Tips in Less Than 38 Seconds

Public-speaking tips
Tallinn, Estonia
PARE HR Conference

4 Useful Public-Speaking Tips in Less Than 38 Seconds:

  1. Make an effort to learn a few words in the local language ( or even dialect). Here I am consciously greeting the Human Resources professionals in Estonia in their own language. “Tere Päevast!” which translates into “Good day!” (0:01 – 0:12) 
  2. Briefly thank the people who hired you. In my early days I used to say a lot of thank you’s to a lot of people and this ‘killed’ the momentum. Be brief and get to your main point. (0:13 – 0:18)
  3. Tell them exactly what you are going to do and what your speech / presentation involves. In this case, three (3) short stories. Also inject some anticipation. Give a clue for each story. In this case, I left the story that will probably interest everyone last. Why? So they pay attention to the other two too. The third story is about Tallinn and a member that was in the audience (Katri Jürine). How more relevant could that be? (0:19 – 0:34)
  4. Finally, mention that the speech will become interactive so they are mentally prepared. In this case, I said “after I am done I am going to turn the microphone over to you.” (0:35 – end).  (Catch Michael in London or online here: