Jul 02, 2019

Golden rule of public speaking = No-one knows what you have forgotten

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In all my public speaking career, there was never an instance where I didn’t forget one or two points of a given speech. Did it matter in the end? Not much. You know why? Because nobody knew that they were there in the first place.
If you are a great speaker, people will walk away with 20%-30% of what you’ve said and with 100% of how you made them feel. Emotion combined with reason is a force to be reckoned with. It is far more important to focus on getting the points that you do remember across to your audience, than it is to try and recall, most times in vain, what you have forgotten.
Your children are like your most important points in a speech – they are precious and unforgettable. And, just like you can never forget your children, but you can easily leave your keys behind, your most important points can never be forgotten; if that happens, then they weren’t important in the first place. Your emphasis should not be on being flawless and remembering your speech to the last punctuation point, but rather on making your audience feel speechless, creating that ‘a-ha’ moment that takes people’s hearts places.
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