Jun 29, 2018

ZOOM IN with VIRARDI™ | Johnny Warström | Mentimeter | Episode 6

This episode of ZOOM IN with VIRARDI™ is full of entrepreneurial spirit! The CEO of Mentimeter, Johnny Warström, reveals the driving force behind the fastest growing startup in Sweden. The man is serving a noble cause, to transform presentations into fun and interactive experiences.
In this episode Johnny talks about:
  1. Product excellence,
  2. Entrepreneurial challenges,
  3. Business acumen and finally,
  4. The journey from boredom to stardom!

The Chief Executive Officer, Johnny Warström, of Sweden’s fastest growing startup, Mentimeter, is appearing on this episode. An episode not to be missed.

01:0002:37 “Introduction to Johnny Warström, CEO of Mentimeter.”

02:3805:35  “How Mentimeter came about and which is their target group.”

05:3608:16  “Johnny Warström on his BBC appearence and Mentimeter’s growth”

08:1710:05  “Insights on how Mentimeter interprets results and feedback.”

10:0613:39  “Johnny’s entrepreneurial journey and the importance of people that surround you.”

13:4014:50  “His biggest challenge in life so far”

14:5118:28  “New generations can and should monetize and materialize their ideas but minimize the risk. Johnny reveals more ways to do so.”

18:2919:40  “Does Johnny succeed in maintaining work-life balance?”

19:4120:23  “A last message for ZOOM IN with VIRARDI™ Fans and Friends!”

20:2421:22  “Short recap by Michael R. Virardi.”