Apr 29, 2018

ZOOM IN with VIRARDI™ | Polle de Maagt | Ministry of World Domination | Episode 4

ZOOM IN with VIRARDI™, featuring Polle de Maagt from the Ministry of World Domination.

Minute by minute analysis:

00:011:26 “Michael R. Virardi introducing Polle de Maagt, which runs the company called the Ministry of World Domination and goes under the title of ‘Prime Minister.'”

01:2704:39 “Polle de Maagt on why Chief Executive Offices usually don’t trust marketeers and what should marketeers do about it”

04:4007:50 “srprs.me (Surprise me) is a company that has come up with an innovative approach for making people happy, when they least expect it. Polle de Maagt describes this journey.”

07:5110:55 “Personalisation, according to Polle de Maagt, is what makes srprs.me unique each time.”

10:5612:43 “Advice by Polle de Maagt for companies on how to make themselves, less about ads but more about acts.”

12:4413:30 “A recap by Michael R. Virardi”