Feb 28, 2018

ZOOM IN with VIRARDI™ | Peter Holmark | Nokia | Episode 2

ZOOM IN with VIRARDI™, featuring Peter Holmark HR Director, Customer Operations Europe at Nokia. The 2nd episode in the #zoomin series was broadcasted on the 28th of February, 2018.

Listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, and with a market capitalization of €26 billion, NOKIA, is a global company with over 100,000 employees in 120 countries. It was founded in 1865. A 153-year-old company that is still transforming!

The key take-aways from this interview are the following:

1. How to adapt to frequent and extreme company transformations.
2. The value that the HR Department adds to the business.
3. How a unique way of defining ‘high potential’ people will help a company identify the right people for the future.

Minute by minute analysis:

00:01 – 03:57

“Michael R. Virardi introduces the NOKIA and its HR Director and Customer Service Operation Manager, Mr. Peter Holmark.”

03:58 – 05:26

“Peter Holmark shares this experience and the lessons learnt along the roller-coaster ride that during recent years, NOKIA’s mobile division has gone through.”

05:27 – 05:48 “An evaluation by Peter Holmark: ‘What seems to make you great, doesn’t necessarily make you great.’”

05:49 – 07:53 “Peter Holmark’s daily routine as the HR Director and Customer Service Operation at NOKIA, as described by himself.”

07:54 – 09:55 “Peter Holmark explains how Nokia approaches and monitors performance management via employee engagement.”

09:56 – 11:25 “Peter Holmark defines potential and how the NOKIA employees can prepare for the future.”

11:26 – 14:40 “With a community of 100.000+ employees, NOKIA is well equipped for the advanced automation and digitalization of the new era. The ‘people journey’ as Peter has described it, is the transformation process for this to be successfully achieved.”

14:40 – 16:14 “Are people losing their jobs or are more jobs created as result of the increased automation? Peter Holmark gives his opinion.”

16:15 – 17:59 “Peter Holmark shows how HR practices at NOKIA support the company as a whole.”

18:00 – 19:23 “Advice by Peter Holmark to people and companies that are facing today similar ups and downs as NOKIA has in the past.”

19:24 – 21:37 “A recap by Michael R. Virardi”

21:38 – 22:15 “Final closing words by Peter Holmark.”

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